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    Facilitation Summer Course

    Guiding change through effective facilitation

  • Join us for our two-days Facilitation Summer Course

    Designed specifically for professionals in the European and international NGO sector

  • How to make things easier, both for the group and for yourself?

    Does your organisation also face a growing complexity of issues and challenges? Lately, we have noticed a rising demand for skilled individuals inside organisations and networks who can cut through this complexity, streamline processes, foster teamwork, and tap into collective intelligence.


    That's where our training comes in. We take facilitation at its word and provide you with insights, approaches and concrete methodologies on how to make things easier. Not only for the group but also for yourself. As a facilitator you have an important role to play and the more confident you are in this role, the easier it will be for you to accompany the group constructively.


    Whether you're a seasoned facilitator looking to polish your skills or someone new to the art, our two-day summer course is tailored for you. Join a dynamic group of 10-15 fellow professionals representing a spectrum of organisations, creating a rich environment for learning, sharing experiences, and drawing inspiration from one another.
  • These two training days logically build upon each other, providing you a solid foundation in facilitation and increased confidence in your role as facilitator.

    Day 1

    Explore the various roles of facilitation in different settings and bring clarity to your own role as a facilitator.


    Learn how to kick off your meeting and establish a psychologically safe environment.


    Master effective interventions and conversation techniques to enhance collective intelligence and encourage diverse perspectives.


    Day 2

    Discover methods for preparing and designing meeting scripts tailored to both small and large-scale gatherings.


    Gain practical tips, tricks, and tools to address challenging group dynamics, such as handling dominant participants and resolving conflicts.


    Increase self-awareness as a facilitator by exploring your values, strengths, and potential pitfalls.

  • 25 years of expertise


    Drawing on their combined expertise of over 25 years in training, facilitation and coaching within the European youth and NGO sector, Ruben and Kris form a dynamic duo ready to guide participants through an effective learning journey. They bring not only practical experience but also proven theories, concepts, and perspectives essential in process facilitation.

    Small group

    In order to create a lively, dynamic and interactive workshop we limit the group to a maximum of 15 participants. In this way there is space for individual questions and coaching, and we can actively work with and learn from the group dynamics that occur.

    Theory and practice


    The training is experiential, bridging theory with real-life situations and encouraging participants to apply newfound knowledge directly in their work contexts. Participants experiment and put their facilitation skills into practice and receive feedback during the workshop.

    A new reference


    This training will create a new reference on how to design and facilitate dynamic and effective meetings within your specific context. By having lived through some of the dynamics and experiences yourself, you will be able to guide others.

  • Practical info

    Dates: 4 & 5 July 2024

    Each day from 9 to 17h

    Venue: MSF Belgium

    Rue de l'Arbre Bénit 46, 1050 Brussels

    Investment: 990 EUR

    Incl. VAT, venue, lunch and training materials

    Deadline: 7 June 2024

    We have a limited capacity so enrol now!

  • Join us for our two-days Facilitation Summer Course

  • Your Trainers

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    Ruben Loodts


    Ruben is a process facilitator, idea generator and methodology master pur sang. With his warm and pragmatic approach he disarms every situation, translating insights and challenges into real opportunities. Not surprisingly you will find Ruben the happiest when he is on a long hike with his dog, somewhere up in the mountains.


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    Kris Snick

    Kessels & Smit

    Kris is a partner at Kessels & Smit, the Learning Company. As a coach, facilitator and organisation consultant he brings change, inspiration and depth to teams and organisation that experience stagnation or want to develop a new direction. He attaches great importance to creating a safe and stimulating context for crucial conversations, especially in context of high complexity or friction.


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