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    In addition to our tailor-made processes and sessions, we provide a diverse range of one-day participatory workshops designed to meet the needs of your organisation. Each workshop inspires innovation, fosters collaboration, and drives meaningful change within your team.


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    Theory of Change

    The "Theory of Change" workshop provides a framework for designing and evaluating strategies for social impact, enabling you to articulate your organisation's goals and measure progress effectively.

    • Framework for designing and evaluating strategies for social impact
    • Articulation of organisational goals and measurement of progress
    • Insights to drive meaningful change and sustainable outcomes
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    Talents in Action

    In "Talents in Action," you tap into the individual and collective strengths within your team, getting to know each other in an appreciative context while strengthening team cohesion and improving internal communication.

    • Discover your individual and collective strengths
    • Cultivation of a collaborative and productive team culture
    • Team crafting
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    Campaign Design

    Our "Campaign Design" workshop equips your team with the strategic tools and creative insights necessary to develop impactful and successful campaigns, guiding you through the entire process from ideation to planning.

    • Strategic tools and creative insights for developing impactful campaigns
    • Guidance from ideation to planning
    • Tailored to meet specific organisational goals and target audiences
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    Power Mapping

    Through our "Power Mapping" workshop you'll learn essential strategies for navigating and leveraging influence to drive the change you want to see.

    • Identify key influencers and decision-makers linked to your objective(s)
    • Insights into relationships and networks in advocacy efforts
    • Visualize and strategize effective approaches for influencing various stakeholders
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    Roles and Responsibilities

    Our "Roles and Responsibilities" workshop offers clarity on team structures and individual contributions, fostering alignment and accountability across all levels of the organisation.

    • Clarity on team structures and individual contributions
    • Alignment and accountability across all levels of the organization
    • Streamlining workflow and promoting well-being at work