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  • About Us

    We are a Brussels-based collective of professional facilitators.

    We strive for a more sustainable and inclusive society.


    OTHERWHERE wants to play an active, positive role in today’s changing society. We support you, your team and organisation in reaching your desired destination. We design and facilitate participative learning journeys and strategic processes. We shape your next conference, team meeting, strategy or campaign. Always in co-creation with you and your team.


    Together we create a safe environment that enables you to walk paths never walked before.

    Together we let new ideas and opportunities emerge, starting from what exists.

    Together we build stronger communities, mindful of the systems in which we operate.

    Together we activate a growth mindset that will make you impact entire continents.


    Together, we drive positive change!

  • Your Destination

    You choose your destination, our Sherpas will guide you along the way.

    Team development

    Design for Impact

    Flourishing people lead to flourishing organisations. We support your team in recognising and strengthening its innovative qualities and capacities. We start from what is there already, and help you find that new language you didn’t know you needed.

    Process facilitation

    Engage to Evolve

    Step by step we dismantle the challenge that lies ahead of you, be it strategic or organisational. Together we create the right conditions to tap into your organisation’s collective intelligence. We co-create solutions that work for you.

    Community building

    Stronger ecosystems

    Only a systemic approach can help us find answers to the complex challenges we face today. We facilitate the strengthening of networks and communities working towards common goals.

  • Sherpa?

    A sherpa is an experienced guide helping others on a mountain climbing expedition. Our Sherpas design and facilitate ambitious learning journeys that will support you and your organisation to generate sustainable impact within your field.


    Otherwhere is an archaic adverb from the 14th century meaning “in or to another place”, or simply “elsewhere”. The concept of ‘otherwhere' preserves some mystery when it comes to the final destination, yet always reminds us where we come from. The journey is essential.

  • Your Sherpas

    Ruben Loodts

    Owner and Sherpa

    Ruben is a process facilitator, idea generator and methodology master pur sang. With his warm and pragmatic approach he disarms every situation, translating insights and challenges into real opportunities. Not surprisingly you will find Ruben the happiest when he is on a long hike with his dog, somewhere up in the mountains.


    Write Ruben

    Cornelia Hoffmann


    As a multipotentialite, Conny loves to search for and nurture potential in others, be it individuals, teams or organisations. She approaches every project with curiosity, energy and enthusiasm. In her free time she loves broadening her horizon, and discover new places and cultures – preferably by bike or with her backpack.


    Write Conny

    Federico Guerrieri


    Federico has a beating heart for creating societal impact, whether it’s local or transnational. Being a real strategic thinker, he's your best ally for your next campaign or action plan. When he is not breaking the waves of your organisation, he is probably surfing actual waves on a beach somewhere in Portugal or South-East Asia.


    Write Federico

  • Stronger teams in times of social distancing

    Unlock the collaborative powers of your team. We offer you Team&Space, a one-day face-to-face workshop to help your team settling into the new reality.


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