Talents at JESC

Talents at JESC

Two offsite team days to reinforce team dynamics in stormy weathers that provide a safe space to engage with the team, strengthen trust, and foster a shared understanding and commitment to the common cause.
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In a first workshop we collectively discovered what brings and holds the JESC secretariat together, what their success stories and hopes are, as well as their joint challenges. The safe space provided helped making the implicit explicit and cautiously revealing some of the issues perceived as taboo topics by the team. Following on from there, a second workshop focussed on talents and strengths within the team, and how they can contribute to JESC's mission, vision, and values. Linked to that, we reflected on and clarified roles & responsibilities, again making implicit assumptions explicit, identifying strengths in the team composition and task division, as well as potential gaps. 


The team gained a better understanding of their team members' points of view, aspirations and concerns. Joint challenges were discovered and defined and consequently built on in follow-up meetings of the staff. The talents and roles&responsibilities session highlighted the importance of "appreciating what is (already) there", as well as of interpersonal relations and communication at the work place. Important steps towards restoring and strengthening trust in the team have been taken. 

  • Gears Workshop (design and facilitation); appreciative inquiry; collective intelligence; talent test 
  • Sherpa(s) Conny, Ruben
  • Expeditor Feedback "Having a coach with us, allowed us to go with what is present in the group. Otherwise we wouldn’t have felt so safe! You did an excellent job there."