New spaces, structures and ways of working for CIDSE

New spaces, structures and ways of working for CIDSE

As CIDSE charted its course with the 2023-2028 Strategic Framework, a pivotal challenge emerged—to redefine collaborative spaces and operational strategies. How could they weave an operational plan harmoniously across a diverse, member-based network and an international secretariat? The task was to foster an inclusive co-creation process and steer vital interactions during this transformative phase.
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Our journey commenced by nurturing the CIDSE Management Team, preparing them for the momentous Planning Meetings involving the entire network. Crafting a process timeline, we delved into pivotal questions: "How do we unite working groups? Engage members for ownership? Harmonize structural components? What governance will unite secretariat and network?" Collaborating with Member Organisation Heads and Program Leads solidified our groundwork. Together, we crafted a vibrant agenda for the trio of Planning Meetings, leveraging collective wisdom, each step harmoniously building upon the last.

Armed with a validated blueprint, we designed specialized tools and methodologies for seamless execution. Facilitating plenary sessions and empowering CIDSE team members to embrace their roles, our toolkit comprised diverse methodologies—check-ins, networking, collective journaling, systemic exercises, world café, and thematic group work.


The pinnacle of our journey? The Planning Meetings—moments of alignment and unity across CIDSE's diverse structures. Within these gatherings emerged not just visions but actionable frameworks for the newly crafted spaces, entailing long, medium, and short-term objectives. Most profoundly, the pulse of network camaraderie intensified, birthing a collective surge of enthusiasm to actualize the new Strategic Framework. The process fostered a profound sense of belonging, fortifying bonds within the network and propelling collaborative energy toward transformative action.