Evaluating for impact with SOLIDAR

Evaluating for impact with SOLIDAR

Evaluation of the "Organising International Solidarity" program, funded by the European Commission. The process had three main purposes: to assess the programme's impact on SOLIDAR as a network, as well as on its members, to draw lessons learnt from the current programme, to identify areas of improvement and further development.
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From January to May 2023, in close collaboration with SOLIDAR and its partners, we conducted a mixed-methods evaluation of the Organising International Solidarity program, employing document analysis, surveys, workshops, in-depth interviews, and data synthesis. The survey, comprising both quantitative and qualitative elements, sought feedback from SOLIDAR members and staff on various project components, highlighting strengths, impacts, and areas for improvement. The evaluation workshops, conducted in English and Spanish, allowed participants to further assess the programme's key aspects and suggest modifications for future initiatives. Participants evaluated the programme's achievement of its three main objectives. Post-workshop, we held semi-structured online interviews in five languages with SOLIDAR members and partners, covering macro-areas like activities, impact, coordination, and governance. Lastly, a future-focused online convergence session was organized to address key findings. Here, we tackled 'how might we' challenges across themes like coordination, advocacy, and capacity building, brainstorming creative solutions to enhance future network collaboration and coordination. This session not only reflected on past and present states but also envisaged future possibilities for SOLIDAR and its partners.


Through a robust collaboration with the international secretariat, SOLIDAR members and partners actively participated in every facet of the evaluation process. This engagement surpassed the typical bounds of program assessment. The resultant comprehensive report, which was made accessible for member feedback through online consultation, delves into key program components: coordination and networking, advocacy and capacity building, visibility and recognition, and ownership. In addition to an analysis, the report outlines actionable ideas for future steps in each area. SOLIDAR is currently in the process of implementing these suggestions as it shapes its forthcoming initiatives.  

Gears Questionnaire (design and analysis); 1-1 interviews (design, conducting, analysis); workshop (design and facilitation); appreciative inquiry; collective intelligence; evaluation report
Sherpas Conny, Federico, Ruben
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