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The ins&outs of Team&Space

Last week we launched Team&Space. Amazed by your precious feedbacks, we're now happy to share more details about the workshop and answer all questions you may or may not have.

Too lazy to go through it? Just give Ruben a call at +32496086359.

Team&Space, what is it?

Team&Space is a one-day workshop where your team comes together, in person.

Who is Team&Space for?

Are you part of a team? Then Team&Space is something for you! Whether you're a NGO, company, foundation or public administration, you can benefit from Team&Space. The concept is specifically designed for any team willing to improve its internal dynamics following the recent health crisis.

Is Team&Space a virtual event?

No. Team&Space is a physical, face-to-face workshop. It is a unique opportunity to bring your team together again in a COVID-safe environment, away from your screens.


Why are you bringing people together in the middle of a global pandemic?

We have noticed a strong need for people to meet and exchange with their co-workers. We believe teams will strongly benefit from having a shared experience, together in one space. We are confident that after the Team&Space experience, also working together remotely will become more pleasant and efficient.


Our team is going through a lot of changes. Is Team&Space something for us?

Definitely! Team&Space is a perfect fit for teams and organisations in transition.


How will the workshop look like? What kind of methodologies will you use?

Through Team&Space we apply and combine known, trusted frameworks such as Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U and Design Thinking. All methodologies are highly participatory, tapping into your team's collective intelligence.


What's the benefit for my organisation?

No doubt your team will benefit from being together and (finally) having the opportunity to share experiences and discuss. Through Team&Space, you will identify concrete actions and opportunities on how to better work together as a team.


We have been working remotely for years. Will we benefit from Team&Space?

Team&Space is not only about leaping into this new reality of remote work. The global pandemic added many new layers to working from home, to team dynamics and to organisational challenges. Through Team&Space you will have the opportunity to build on learnings from past and present experiences, finding answers to these new challenges through your team's collective intelligence.


We cannot bring our entire team together. Can we still sign up for Team&Space?

Yes, you can. While we suggest having the maximum number of team members attending the Team&Space experience, the workshop also works well with only part of your team.


Some of our team members are working from abroad. Can they join the workshop remotely?

Unfortunately not. Team&Space is a live experience that requires physical participation. However, its benefits will extend to the entire organisation, therefore also to those team members not attending the workshop.


Is there a maximum number of participants?

We limit the group size to max. 20 participants to ensure a safe experience for all. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for bigger teams.


How will you make sure the workshop is COVID-19 proof?

The program is designed to be as interactive as possible, yet respecting the principle of physical distancing. If we move around or sit together in small groups, we wear our masks. Once we are in a static constellation with 1,5m distance, the masks can go off. Upon arrival, each participant receives an individual 'Survival Kit' with all resources and materials needed for the rest of the day.


How much does it cost?

Contact us for a detailed price offer. We offer a discounted rate for NGO's and non-profit initiatives.


Where will Team&Space take place?

As 'Space' is an integral part of the workshop, we have pre-negotiated several venues offering the best possible Team&Space experience. All of them are bright and spacious (at least 20m2 per participant). Of course, you are free to suggest a fitting venue yourself, or opt to bring Team&Space elsewhere depending on your team's location and preferences. Up to you to make your choice!


What about food and drinks?

Catering shall be covered by you. We are happy to provide you a list of local caterers who can offer a sustainable and COVID-19-safe lunch. A complimentary welcome coffee in the morning is included in the program.


Our team is not based in Brussels/Belgium. Can we still book the workshop?

Indeed, depending on applicable travel restrictions and local safety measures regarding COVID-19, we can offer Team&Space across Europe.


Is Team&Space only available in English?

We can offer Team&Space in English, Dutch, French and Italian.


Do you provide other services too?

At Otherwhere we offer tailor-made services to support you with team dynamics, organisational development and change processes. Have a look at Give us a call to discuss the possibilities for your specific question.