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    social innovation agency. We support organisations in reaching their desired destination

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    Sustainable change can only exist as a discovery, in the surprise

    Our mission

    OTHERWHERE wants to play an active, positive role in today’s changing society by helping your organisation to reach its desired destination. We design and support campaigns that will make you climb the highest mountains. We build communities larger and stronger than the oldest mountain chains. We facilitate organisational development processes that will make you impact entire continents, as powerful as even the smallest volcano.


    You pick your destination, our Sherpas will guide you along the way.


    A sherpa is an experienced guide helping others on a mountain climbing expedition. Our Sherpas design and facilitate ambitious expeditions that will support you and your organisation to generate maximum impact within your field.


    Otherwhere is an archaic adverb from the 14th century meaning “in or to another place”, or simply “elsewhere”. The concept of ‘otherwhere' preserves some mystery when it comes to the final destination, yet always reminds us where we come from. The journey is essential.

  • Your Destination

    Our Services

    Mount Everest

    Impactful campaigns

    We identify opportunities and design public actions to help you deliver more complete and resilient solutions to systemic challenges

    The Andes

    The strongest communities

    We build stronger and more resilient networks and communities of organisations working together towards common goals


    Small organisation? Big impact!

    We support you in realising sustainable transition through strengthening your organisation's innovative qualities and capacities

  • Guiding Principles

    A different approach to change

    Appreciative Inquiry

    We believe that one can learn more from successes than from failures. Through this appreciative perspective we do right to all involved; we increase the learning possibilities and the motivation to put new things into practice. Systems develop in the direction of the questions we ask.


    For us it is essential to actively involve all stakeholders in the design process to ensure the result meets the needs of the organisation. Together with our clients we co-create the most innovative concepts and ideas that generate real impact.

    Strategic design

    To survive in today’s rapidly changing world, organisations must not only anticipate change, but drive it. We use future-oriented design principles in order to increase your organisation's innovative and competitive qualities.


    We do not offer standardised products or services. All our processes are uniquely designed for your organisation to answer your specific needs. Our Sherpas take you to mountain peaks never climbed before.

  • Recent Missions

    Some expeditions we recently carried out

    Discount, what else? The Holiday Participation Centre (“Steunpunt Vakantieparticipatie”), a service of Tourism Flanders, targets people and families who are unable to take a holiday, including people on a low income. After over 15 years of making holidays accessible for all, The Holiday...
    Building upon its Strategic Framework and Operational Plan for 2017-2021, CIDSE aimed to further develop its ideas and proposals towards concrete action plans with clear resources and commitments, underpinned by an effective organization of its work.   THE JOURNEY   The CIDSE Journey consisted of...
    On the 10th and 11th of July 2017, Otherwhere was invited by the IHECS Brussels School of Journalism and Communication to facilitate two sessions of the Inspire project first partners’ meeting. Inspire focuses on enhancing political participation amongst young people through the media and the...
    Otherwhere has been supporting Citizens for Europe since February 2016 with the aim of maximising the organisation’s visibility and strengthening the relations with and between its member organisations. The cooperation resulted in two flagship initiatives, namely a Project Fair (Elzenhof - March...
    End of March 2016, Open Society Initiative for Europe invited our Sherpas to facilitate their two-day team retreat in Barcelona, Spain. The main objective of the OSIFE retreat was to create a more cohesive and productive team culture, and a positive and constructive group spirit. This was...
  • Your Sherpas

    Our Team

    Ruben Loodts


    Ruben is co-founder and proud Sherpa at Otherwhere. He is an idea generator pur sang and sees connections everywhere, translating them into real opportunities. Don’t fool his eternal positivity for naivety.


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    Federico Guerrieri


    Federico is co-founder and proud Sherpa at Otherwhere. He has a beating heart for creating societal impact whether it’s local or transnational. As a real strategic thinker you better have Federico on your side.


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