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Stronger teams in times of social distancing

I miss bumping into my colleagues around the coffee machine.

I really can’t stand those online meetings anymore.

Sounds recognisable? In the past six months, COVID-19 has forced teams and organisations to drastically reinvent themselves. This crisis put a magnifying glass on organisational challenges and disrupted our social relationships in ways we could have never imagined. While working together from a distance, team dynamics are being stretched into uncharted territories.

Also the two of us were very much caught unprepared. Seeing business drop to zero in just a matter of days. Cancelled projects. Clients going into survival mode. On the personal level, we were suddenly being separated from loved ones, or had to interrupt long anticipated travel plans.

For Otherwhere it meant a period of introspection. How will we deal with this new situation? How can we better help our clients in such periods of uncertainty? But also, how can we stay true to our values and principles? Shall we jump into remote facilitation and drown into the avalanche of virtual offers? Or do we give ourselves the time and space to process what this ‘new way of working’ implies for us, for Otherwhere, for our clients?

How can we emerge from this emergency?

Remote working is here, and it’s here to stay. A smooth transition towards a new normal calls for a human approach, a generative dialogue where no team member is left aside. Where everyone feels safe, listened to and connected. So we ask ourselves: how can we shape a team experience that is both enriching and fun? And above anything else, an experience that brings your team together again. Away from offices, away from screens. Physically together in one space.

Our answer to that question is Team&Space.

So if you’re curious to find out more, have a look at

Is this something your team would benefit from?

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Federico and Ruben,

Your Sherpas at Otherwhere