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Citizens for Europe

February 2016 - February 2017

Otherwhere has been supporting Citizens for Europe since February 2016 with the aim of maximising the organisation’s visibility and strengthening the relations with and between its member organisations. The cooperation resulted in two flagship initiatives, namely a Project Fair (Elzenhof - March 2016) and the public event “What the Fund?!” (IHECS – February 2017).


In co-creation with the Citizens for Europe organising team, we designed a process that allowed Citizens for Europe to strengthen their relation with its member organisations, as well as to increase its visibility in the Brussels-arena.

The Project Fair’s main objective was to strengthen the Citizens for Europe’s network by allowing members to present their upcoming projects and activities, and by encouraging them to work more together, share good practices and start new collaborations. Through a variety of non-formal methodologies, we built a process that allowed the participating organisations to create new and strengthen existing connections. We created a participatory setting where exchange of expertise and knowledge could easily take place, while favouring reflections and feedback on the projects’ status.

“What the Fund?!” represented a great opportunity for Citizens for Europe’s member organisations to gain knowledge on financial sustainability and fundraising, while providing an important visibility’s platform. One week prior to the public event, we organised a workshop for the selected projects (Civic Innovation Forum; Dine With Us;; Politix.EU; on storytelling and public speaking. On the 2nd of February the TEDx-style event took place at the IHECS Brussels School for Journalism and Communication. In addition to the five organisations competing for the €3000 prize, the event saw the participation of outstanding experts, such as Filippo Addarii (PlusValue), Ludwig Forrest (King Baudouin Foundation), Jennifer Hinton (Post-Growth Institute) and Frederik Lamote (Growfunding).

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