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January-February 2017

Building upon its Strategic Framework and Operational Plan for 2017-2021, CIDSE aimed to further develop its ideas and proposals towards concrete action plans with clear resources and commitments, underpinned by an effective organization of its work.




The CIDSE Journey consisted of a preparatory and an implementation phase. During the first phase in January 2017, we mapped the needs and agreed on the building blocks of the process together with the supporting core team of CIDSE. Furthermore, we supported the CIDSE staff to level their understanding of the Theory of Change framework and guided them in the construction of a tailor-made Theory of Change for their two main priorities. This exercise proved essential as a cornerstone for developing concrete plans supporting their strategic framework and hence, generating a maximum impact.


The second phase included two major “priority meetings” in February 2017. Meeting one focused on communities regaining control over natural resources, whilst the second meeting dealt with climate change and how to find just and sustainable models for food and energy. For each priority meeting we counted on the participation of 30 representatives of CIDSE member organisations, staff members and relevant stakeholders. This allowed for a truly inclusive, participatory process in which we went from the broader context to concrete, tangible outcomes in just two days per priority.


Each priority meeting started off with sharpening the common vision between all participants, mapping the context and linking the ongoing work to the newly developed Theory of Change. We proceeded with innovating in CIDSE’s strategies which included exchange of best practices and brainstorming on new actions to successfully realise the Theory of Change. What followed was a decision-making process focusing on the prioritization and resourcing of CIDSE’s work, concluded by designing the concrete action plans and deciding on the next steps.


A variety of methodologies used, an inspirational setting, a thorough co-creative preparation phase and a multi-diverse group of participants allowed for strong, concrete and sustainable results that will benefit CIDSE for the years to come.

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